今週から、『クイズ、「それ」は何でしょう。』という新しいシリーズ を始めました。毎回ある1つのものについて、その形や使い方などを説明します。それらのヒントを聞いて、「それ」は何か、また「それ」の名前は日本語で何というかを考えてください。



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Guess the name !!


From this week we will start a new series of quizzes called Guess The Name !

Each week we will describe a thing, telling you about the shape and how it is used. You have to think about what it is called in Japanese. We will tell you the answer next week!


There is also a bulletin board (BBS) click here where you can share your answers with other people. Come and take a look!


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