Japanese-language Education Media & Systems Lab






What is JEMS?

Main goals

  1. to build a Global Japanese-language education system

  2. to develop multimedia materials which utilise the Internet

Nagoya University has developed CAI materials to enable students inside and outside of the university to study Japanese by making the materials available through the home page of the Educational Center for International Students (ECIS)

Also, ECIS is commited to the use of emerging technologies such as the Internet and multimedia, and has developed WEBCMJ, an autonomous learning system via the Internet, which can be used by students overseas even if they do not have access to computers which run Japanese language software. This system is intended for postgraduate students wishing to study in Japan, and is aimed at reducing the burden of learning Japanese once in Japan, by making it possible to start studying Japanese before embarking on a course of study in Japan.

Building a Global Japanese-language education system

Creation of a system to support learning before arrival in Japan
It is undeniable that learning the Japanese language presents students intending to study in Japan with a big barrier. There is a need to create a system to support learning before arrival in Japan in order to lessen the time and economic burdens of learning Japanese.

Cooperation with institutions involved in teaching Japanese language overseas

In order to strengthen Japanese language education for students coming to Japan, there is a need to build a Global Japanese-language Education System in which particpants can cooperate and collaborate in the develop of curricula, materials and tests.

As part of the global trend of internationalisation of education, it is extremely important to cooperate with institutions teaching Japanese in Japan and abroad, when developing policy for international student programmes.

Cooperation with universities in Japan

On of the major aims of JEMS is the develpoment of collaboration with universities and higher education institutions which accept international students.

Development of multimedia materials using the Internet

Provision of multimedia Japanese-language materials for autonomous learning
The concept of a Global Japanese-language Education System is to provide learners with autonomous learning materials. Traditionally, the teaching of Japanese has been based on teachers teaching in classrooms, using materials developed for teaching. However, overseas the need is for autonomous learning materials which learners can use anywhere and at anytime to prepare themselves before coming to Japan.

The Internet

Providing autonomous materials for learning Japanese via the Internet has the advantages that they can be accessed 24 hours a day, they are free of charge, and can use multimedia content. By cooperation with overseas institutions, the software can be stored on mirror sites which will allow faster access, and so further promote the learning of Japanese abroad.